Transform the way your users shop

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Content Quality

Voice reviews add a human element and are one step closer
to a face to face conversation.
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Increase Engagement

Create a dialogue between
happy customers
and potential buyers.
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Increase Conversion Rates

Product reviews are proven to increase sales. Voice reviews
take this one step further.


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Giving your users a voice in 3 easy steps:

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You Install

In less than 5 minutes
you can install Heyoya's
fully customizacable widget
on your website.
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They Record

Your users can start recording immediately. Only comments from
a known source will be posted, increasing content reliability.
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Everyone Engages

Users can share reviews on social networks as well as listen and reply to others, increasing traffic and SEO ranking for your site!

What's in it for you?

  • Bring the personal offline shopping experience
    to your e-store.
  • Increase SEO cross all search engines with Heyoya's
    voice recording patent pending technology.
  • Improve customer engagement by adding a human
    element to your reviews.
  • Fully customizable and seamless installation
    to your online store.
  • Track review statistics in real time from your
    admin panel.
  • Increase shopper time on site with real
    voice reviews.

Heyoya Voice Reviews V. Text Review

0% Increase in average time
on your site
0% More actual content in each
review and comment
0% Increase in sharing across
multiple social networks


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